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Mock-up training

A free way to prepare your simulator training

To provide our students with everything they need for a complete training NextLevel Pilots has built three cockpit mock-ups for the Boeing 737-300, B737-800 and F100. The mock-ups are free to use, to practice your standard operating procedures and scan flows. Using our mock-up facilities prior to your simulator session will allow you to get ahead of the game and will save you time and money. Because we have pilots of different levels of experience and on various aircraft types, you will always be able to find someone who would gladly help you during your mock-up training.


Airline Pilot Standard - Multi-Crew Cooperation Course

NextLevel Pilots offers a revolutionary Airline Pilot Standards MCC course to better prepare newly qualified pilots for their type rating training and airline assessment. A high degree of dedication and commitment is required of the pilots undertaking this challenging course and is perfect for those who have the self-discipline and motivation to successfully complete the APS MCC and fully develop their skills. Besides gaining knowledge and applying of standard operating procedures, using of automation and manual control there will be a significant amount of focus on handling large jets (e.g. B737) and on competencies such as problem-solving, decision making, communication, leadership, teamwork, workload management and situational awareness throughout the course. In fact, the new course is so thorough, that an ensuing type-rating can be shorter and cheaper.


Multi-Crew Cooperation Course

We also offer the standard Multi-Crew Cooperation course. Less emphasis will be placed on jet handling, but the course will still focus on the competencies that are required of a pilot when transitioning from single pilot operations to multi-crew aircraft. Just like the APS MCC, the training will take you through operating safely and effectively as a team in all phases of flight including emergency or abnormal conditions. This course is shorter than the APS MCC course and is usually complemented with the Jet Orientation Course.


Jet Orientation Course

For pilots who have completed a Multi-Crew Cooperation course but have no prior experience in handling a jet, a JOC course provides the transition between MCC and an airline simulator assessment. Many airlines require applicants to have completed a JOC if they are not a holder of an APS MCC certificate.

B737 TR

Boeing 737 300-900 Type Rating

After the consolidation of the APS MCC or MCC/JOC course, undertaking Type Rating training can really give you a leg up in your career. Our Type Rating instructors are pilots with over 30 years of experience on type and also have an excellent understanding of the level of performance airline recruiters are looking for. We only use certified simulators for our training at competitive prices. If you are motivated to work hard and keep reflecting on your performance, completing your Type Rating at NextLevel pilots will help you achieve a strong degree of employability. Caution: Investing in a type-rating is not always advisable without a suitable job-offer!