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NextLevel selection and skills training for Pilots

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NextLevel Pilots (NLP) offers tailor-made training to develop and prepare you to successfully pass an airline selection. After completion of the NLP training modules, you will be included in our placement database which is actively promoted with several European airlines. Our ultimate goal is to help you find a suitable job as a pilot.

NextLevel Pilots has been successful with this highly effective concept since 2010, we have assisted over 800 pilots in finding the job they were looking for. More importantly, our graduates obtained the skills to be successful after their selection and became the kind of employees the airlines are looking for.

NLP is an organisation by pilots for pilots, our instructors are airline pilots & instructors themselves and most of our services are at cost only, in other words not for profit. Most training is tailor-made. Modules will develop both your soft- and flight-skills and is aimed at both aspiring pilots, as well as experienced pilots.

NextLevel Pilots is not a guaranteed and effortless way to find the next step in your career since you have to actively participate. Full commitment of our candidates is required. NLP will train you in essential skills that generally receive little attention during traditional training but are crucial during airline selection. Presentation and application skills, charting your psychological profile, presenting your core quadrants and preparing you for a future grading are just a few examples that can make the difference.

NLP has earned the ‘preferred supplier’ status at several airlines by providing well-trained pilots who meet or exceed the selection criteria the airlines require. Let’s work together to make you one of those pilots.

Training modules

Customized for any experience!

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Our training is targeted at the aviation industry and developed by experienced pilots in cooperation with several recruiters. During our regular free information sessions, we will gladly tell you more. Below are some highlights.

The NextLevel Pilots modular pre-selection training system has proven to work for both low time and experienced pilots. We offer seven training modules, around 6 hours each, spread over approximately 2 months. Therefore, our training can be combined with almost any current job. During the training modules, we analyse your personality and improve your communication skills while focussing on the demands of the HRM department and psychological profilers at airlines. We train the important soft skills for psychological tests, interviews and gradings, as well as your flight skills.

NextLevel is an EASA Approved Training Organization and offers the following approved courses:

  • Jet Orientation Courses (JOC)
  • MCC courses (also APS-MCC available)
  • Fire-fighting & Dangerous Goods training
  • we can facilitate type-rating training (a.o. B737, A320, B747)

For the 737, F100 and MCC JOC  training programs, in house mockups are used and Full Flight Simulators at one of our partners.

Low time pilots

NextLevel Pilots can provide you with high-quality training in all aspects of airline selections. The demand for pilots is constantly changing but, in general, there are more candidates than vacancies at your preferred airline. Therefore, a solid preparation gives you the much-needed advantage when you are invited to a selection. Completion of our modules results in a high training standard and an excellent standardization of our candidates, both of which are highly appreciated by airlines.

Some aspiring pilots may have decided to pursue another career and may no longer have their licenses valid. Given the fluctuating market conditions, they may wish to reconsider this decision. NextLevel Pilots can offer you advice and, if required, an affordable way to revalidate your licenses.

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Experienced pilots

A job interview at any airline deserves thorough preparation. The main pitfall for experienced pilots applying for positions at other airlines is the lack of recent grading training or understanding the things recruiters and HR professionals are looking for today.

Even when your flight-skills are on a high level, the theoretical knowledge and/or the application and presentation skills are often a different matter. Very few pilots have had effective soft-skills training, even though this is an absolute requirement for a successful selection. A job at a major and/or national airline deserves thorough preparation.

License expired?

In the current environment, it is crucial to keep your license current and your skills up to standard until the hiring restarts after the COVID crisis is over. NLP has the right experience to create a tailor-made plan for you through the current turmoil and make sure you are ready and up to standard.

Even if your license has expired several years and you plan to be ready for a return to the industry once the hiring starts again, make sure to reach out to us. NLP is the right partner for you with the experience in bringing you up to standard and we work together with specific flight training centres that offer reduced rates to NextLevel candidates.

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