NextLevel for Pilots

Welcome to NextLevel

For aspiring pilots NextLevel has only one, seemingly simple, objective. We actively promote the pilots in our database with numerous airlines, focussing on the European market. We do what we can to help you find a position as pilot. NextLevel does not promote pay-to-fly schemes.

As you know, for many years a surplus of pilots has graduated from the various flight schools. Finding a -paid- job as a pilot has not been easy. Although the market has meanwhile recovered, today there are still more candidates than vacancies.

NextLevel strives to select only those pilots who have invested in themselves and their skills since graduating from flight school. Aspiring pilots who have thus shown they have the right mentality to succeed in this tough industry. Pilots who have maintained and expanded their flying skills.

NextLevel is not a guaranteed or easy way to a job in the right-hand seat. We do also require your own initiative and active participation. We will train you in essential skills that untill now may have had too little attention. Presentation skills, application skills, charting your psychological profile and preparing you for a future grading are just a few examples of that.

By first carefully selecting and training our participants to the highest possible standards and subsequently actively promoting them with airlines, we greatly enhance the chances that our participants find a suitable pilots’ job.

About us

Our team has 30+ years of experience in Aviation. We have worked and flown in several countries, have been involved in training and selection processes since 1985 and have ample experience in training low-time pilots to the highest standards.

Apart from our own aviation expertise, we have also gathered the most well known professionals for psychological training and testing, human resource aspects and recruitment processes.

Together we strive to give your career the boost you have been fighting for!

How to join us

NextLevel only accepts participants after a thorough screening process.

Unlike the majority of ‘recruiters’, the screening process of NextLevel is not our core business. Simply said, unlike many others, we do not make money by screening as many participants as we can. Instead, we do a careful pre-selection -free of charge- before you enter the screening process. During the screening we will evaluate and train you in many aspects other than flying skills. This screening is done at cost-price.

After the screening process you will not only have learned a lot, you will also have a clear view of NextLevel, it’s targets, methods and the team we work with. After a successful screening, you are free to choose if you want to participate.

To be invited for a free pre-selection, please send us an email in which you briefly describe yourself and your goals.