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Cabin Attendant Training

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The NextLevel Cabin Crew Training Organization (CCTO) is approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities of The Netherlands under the most recent European regulations. We will train you for all requirements of the Cabin Crew Attestation. With this certificate, you obtain the qualifications to work as a Cabin Attendant in Europe.

However, only obtaining a certificate does not really help you. You want to work as a Cabin Attendant, not just receive a piece of paper. You probably want to work for a European airline with a pleasant working atmosphere. Or maybe you are looking for a position where you can do your internship by flying as a Cabin Attendant during the summer season.

In these situations, NextLevel is your ideal first step! We also train pilots for various airlines and have direct access to numerous jobs for Cabin Attendants; full-time, part-time, seasonal or internships. We have requests from airlines for each category of Cabin Attendants.

Many training institutes accept applications almost blindfolded. They will sell training to anyone, regardless of whether the student has a real chance of getting a job as a Cabin Attendant. At NextLevel we refuse to do this. We select only those candidates who in our opinion have a real chance at succeeding.