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Airline recruiters and flight deck crew have something in common: they both want the recruitment process to be straightforward and the chances of failures during selection on the line to be minimal. NextLevel is the right partner to support you with the unique NextLevel approach to recruitment and selection support for airlines.

NextLevel Pilots (NLP) offers tailor-made training to develop and prepare candidates to successfully pass an airline selection but more importantly, we ensure that all these candidates exceed airline standards. NextLevel Pilots has been successful with this highly effective concept since 2010. We have assisted over 800 pilots in finding the job they were looking for. More important for you: our graduates obtained the skills to be successful after the selection and became the kind of employees you are looking for and the failure rate has been close to zero.

NLP is an organisation by pilots for pilots, our instructors are airline pilots & instructors themselves and most of our services are at cost only for the candidates, in other words not for profit.

Over the years NLP has earned the ‘preferred supplier’ status for several airlines by providing well-trained pilots who meet or exceed the selection criteria the airlines require.

 NextLevel is well-positioned to offer solutions for the (pre-)selection, recruitment, pay-rolling and/or training for flight deck and cabin crew.


A complete crewing solution

NextLevel is an EASA Approved Training Organization and offers the following approved courses:

  • Jet Orientation Courses (JOC)
  • MCC courses (also APS-MCC available)
  • Fire-fighting & Dangerous Goods training
  • we can facilitate type-rating training (a.o. B737, A320, B747)

For the 737, F100 and MCC JOC  training programs in house mock-ups are used and Full Flight Simulators at one of our partners.

NextLevel can also support your training department on a contract or interim basis by supplying senior staff.

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Crew selection services

Selection Services

Selecting and recruiting your future flight deck or cabin crew is a specialized and time-consuming process. Crew pre-selections by NextLevel Pilots are very effective and the passing rate of pre-selected NextLevel candidates is much higher than with random applicants. By applying your own selection process to pre-selected NextLevel candidates, a significant amount of time money and hassle is saved. Let NextLevel Pilots be your pre-selection partner.

Let the experienced team of NextLevel pilots audit your flight deck and cabin crew recruitment process during the current COVID downturn and make sure that you are ready and need fewer resources to start recruiting again in the near future.


Recruiting suitable flight crew is a vital activity for any airline. The rules of supply & demand influence successful recruitment requirements. NextLevel Pilots has an extensive database that contains all types of pilots, from low time First Officers to highly experienced Captains / TRIs / TREs.

All our candidates are known to the NextLevel team and by working closely together with our airline customers, we can recommend you the candidates that fit your airline’s profile.


NextLevel Pilots strives to simplify matters for airlines and has developed a flight deck and cabin crew pay-rolling program. NextLevel pilots can perform all contract and payment related issues, leaving you time to run your airline.

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Why choose NextLevel


NextLevel Pilots is an initiative of aviation professionals with 30+ years of experience, both inside the aircraft as in various staff and management functions. The NextLevel  ATO and CCTO can provide you with a complete recruitment, selection and training solution.

Best value for money

Selection processes can distract you from your core activities. In this time-consuming process, mistakes can be made. Selecting a candidate that in retrospect does not fit your airline’s profile is expensive in money, time, hassle and missed productivity. By selecting candidates from our free database, you can reduce such annoyances.

True partners

NextLevel will gladly visit you and listen to your recruitment needs. By working closely with you, NextLevel can ensure that they are met in the most efficient way possible. Our team will assist you in finding the best possible candidates for your vacancies.

Save time

By adding candidates from our database to your selection process, you will learn quickly why NextLevel has been successful. By only looking at pre-screened candidates you will need to see fewer candidates, but more importantly, you will have fewer failures down the line.