NextLevel for Airlines

Welcome to NextLevel

NextLevel is different

As an airline you are frequently approached by ‘recruiters’ that promise you they will find the best pilots for your vacancies. NextLevel has chosen a vastly different path; we have first selected and trained pilots with the right mentality, gathered all their relevant information in our database and can now provide you with a clear and complete profile of each of our pilots. Access  to this carefully selected group of pilots is free and easy.

NextLevel has know-how

Unlike most recruiters, NextLevel is not run by marketeers or managers. NextLevel is an initiative of aviation professionals that have earned their spurs over the past 30+ years, both inside the cockpit and in various other functions. In active duty with renowned European carriers. Whether it’s regional airlines or intercontinental flights, we know our stuff and are happy to assist you!

NextLevel saves you money

Selection processes are time and -thus- money consuming. They distract you from your actual tasks and mistakes are sometimes made. Selecting a candidate that in retrospect is not qualified, is expensive. By selecting your candidates from our database, you all but eliminate these aggravations. Free of charge, no hidden costs, guaranteed!

NextLevel listens

We listen to your needs first. We do not sell a product. Consequently, we will not hesitate to suggest enhancements to your current screening and selection processes, if we see opportunities there. Together we can ensure that your needs are met in the most efficient way possible and that you find the right candidates for your vacancies. We will not charge you for this service.

NextLevel saves you time

We have invested in selecting and training suitable candidates. Our entry-requirements for pilots are strict. By selecting your candidates from our participants, you are choosing from a pre-qualified group of pilots, eliminating time-wasting candidates from you ‘to-do’ list. If ‘time’ is your constraint, we suggest you invest in a short meeting with us, we’ll eliminate time-wasters from your schedule.

How to join NextLevel

Simple. Easy. Free of charge. We can provide you access to sample profiles in our database. Simply send us an email and we will send you your account details.

Alternatively, as proof of the confidence we have in our offer, we will visit you at your location, we will listen to your needs and expectations and will then provide you -free- access to the profiles of those candidates that meet your needs.

Don’t hesitate to ask us what we can do for you!